General InformationΒΆ

Our Free and Premium API calls enable access for 3rd party services to our content and tools. The interface is based on HTTPS GET requests and the data type is JSON. The Premium price model is based on Pay-as-You-go. Every API call gets debited from your API credit balance. You can buy API credits here (

Backward Compatible

Our API is designed to be backwards compatible. We may add additional response or request fields to the same API version. When implementing backwards-incompatible (breaking) changes, we will change the API version. Older API version will be supported for 6 months. All changes will be documented on the changelog, available at

Rate Limits

Our free API access is limited to 2,500 API requests per day. The Premium API is by default limited to 20,000 requests per day. A HTTP 403 error with the following JSON object is returned when you hit the daily limit.

{"status":"error","data":"Forbidden access denied!"}

API Term and Conditions

You can view the API Terms and Conditions here (