API: ReverseIP

The ReverseIP API call returns domains hosted on the same IP address. This is a Premium API call, you have to buy API credits here (https://dnslytics.com/api).

API request and parameters

https://api.dnslytics.net/v1/reverseip/<ip or hostname>?apikey=<apikey>


ip or hostname:IPv4 or IPv6 address. In case of hostname we use the first IPv4 address it resolves to.
apikey:Your API key

Optional parameter:

page:A single API call returns a maximum of 2,500 domains. With the page parameter you can step through the results to get all domains. Page value starts with 1.

API response

A JSON object with the following fields:

status:Status of API call: succeed or error.
question:Array of the question data with the following fields: ip and page.
typeinfo:Data type returned, always ‘reverseip’.
ndomains:Total number of domains found on this IP address.
domains:Array of domains hosted on this IP address. Maximum of 2,500 domain names are returned.


$ https://api.dnslytics.net/v1/reverseip/<apikey>
        "status": "succeed",
                  "ip": "",
                  "page": 1
                "typeinfo": "reverseip",
                "ndomains": 138,